What goes into making a Boutique Amp?
So what goes into making a quality Boutique guitar amp?
     There are alot of opinion out there stating what goes into a good quality hand built guitar amp. Some builders swear by certain power and output transformers, others rave about specific capicators or resister types.​ Even though these components do make a differance, some have a more profound effect than others. I plan to discuss many of these aspects here to help the consumer decide what he/she feels they need in their amp. And ofcourse this is my opinion and it shouldn't be taken as and end all explaination to everything involving guitar amps.

So what is a Boutique Guitar amp?
     There are many opinions out there defining what a boutique amp is, for the most part a boutique amp is a hand made amp that is built with all top quality parts and components. Some even go further by stating that boutique amps need to be only single channel amp or that they can't contain any silicon in the signal path and so on. With all the opinions out there, Its safe to say that a Boutique amp is made of the highest quality parts and craftsmanship that should last a lifetime.​