Juicy Amps

   Custom Chassis pricing mostly depends on options and time to fabricate. Most common chassis with transformer cutouts, tube sockets, control pots, and power connectors are around $45 for chassis sizes of 20 inches or less in .063" aluminum. All chassis are fully TIG welded unless otherwise specified. Chassis over 20" are $50 with similar options and in the same thickness. .09" aluminum is available for an added $5 for each size. Bulk discounts are available for 5 or more chassis. ( all must be the same) A one time artwork charge of $15 applies to all new custom chassis, this also includes the artwork for the face plates as well (if needed). Any additional orders of the same chassis will be just the chassis price. Shipping rates apply to location and I only charge actual shipping charges from the shipper. Feel free to contact me for more information.
         Custom Chassis Pricing