Juicy Amps

Juicy amps  offers new custom made amp chassis for new or rebuild designs. All chassis are CNC cut for precise dimensions. Tube socket, TX cutouts, IEC cutouts and pretty much any other hole cutout is possible. 
Custom Chassis
Maximum dimensions will be 30" in length, up to 3" tall and up to 12" in depth. Aluminum thickness will be from .063 and .09 inches. Front and rear hole cutouts are also available. Contact me for a quote. 
Please contact me for more information and options
Unlike other chassis manufactures, Juicy amp chassis are made from the highest quality 5052 milled aluminum in .063" or .09" thicknesses.​​

Maximum length for .09" aluminum is 22" ​​
What thickness chassis is best for you?

​​Sometimes thicker is not always better. A common issue with .09" aluminum is when face panels are used. Sometimes .09" is too thick for the control pots to fit through the chassis and face panel holes. If you decide to use .09" than make sure your pots are long enough to fit through both the chassis and panels. I have made chassis up to 27" long using .063" aluminum and with welded corners, the chassis was plenty strong enough to fit large power and output transformers without twisting too much.