Juicy Amps
This is a Flawed amp cabinet that I am selling for a reduced cost. The cabinet is made from East African Zebrawood. There is a small chip near one of the box joints that the camera could not pick up and a few of the box joints have a small gap in them. The inner dimensions are 16 long by 8 1/4 inches deep by 7 inches tall. Tall enough to fit a KT88 tube and mid sized transformer. The wood alone costs over $100. edges are routed with 1/2 round over bit and sanded to 220 grit. I am irrate about making my cabinets near flawless and any defects I try to sell for a reduced cost. So here is an opportunity to buy a slightly flawed amp cabinet for a reduced cost.

Juicy amps makes custom made amp cabinets in various exotic and domestic hardwoods. From African mahogony, Zebrawood, Oak and many other species are available. Both Box Joints and Dovetails are available. Finishes include unfinished, Tung Oil and Polyurathane. Please contact me for more information and pricing on custom cabinetry.