About Juicy Amps
- The Beginning.
       As a musician for over 25 years, I have always loved the sound of a good quality tube amp. For metal players, the need for a high gain amplifier is a must. Even with the amount of amplifier manufactures that build high gain units, I have never found a hand wired amp that caters to the hard rock/metal guitar player. Its here where I decided to build my own Boutique hand wired amps that have blistering high gain pre-amps for a huge metal and hard rock sound. 

     Most Boutique amps on the market today are designed from early fender and marshall designs that have been copied over and over again. Incorporating low gain pre-amps and limited interfacing capabilities, these amp are mainly focused for country, blues and classic rock. I wanted to design a guitar amplifier that would be able to produce  tons of gain along with modern interfacing capabilities. With these simple goals in mind, Juicy amps was born. ​​